Alex Calinescu – Recent Work

April 19 2005

Alex Calinescu – Recent Work


‘When people look at my paintings I want them to feel something, something beyond what they see.’


Alex Calinescu’s paintings are never simply about appearances. At first glance they are pleasing patterns of abstract marks. Closer inspection reveals them to be emotional equivalents: precise yet mysterious analogues of a world of feeling, communicated in Calinescu’s distinctive and evolving language of hooked and overlapping lines against monochrome backgrounds.  

Her new work, shown here for the first time, is tonally simpler, purer in its repertoire of marks, and more complex in its interrelation of parts than anything that preceded it. Until this point Calinescu had progressed by stages from representation, through expression, to greater abstraction and purity, simplifying forms and lines. Now the complexity of the relations of parts is increasing.  

The artistic success of this recent work lies not so much in the harmony of resolved tensions but in the sometimes barbed tensions themselves, in the enmeshment of lines and in the web of connections. Elegant lyricism is giving way to a complex atonal polyphony that suggests a vision of fragility, and human entanglement. 

Nigel Warburton, 2005.