Borough Market re-opening for business today.

My journey with, and love of, Borough Market began back in 1988 when, as a student, I fell in love with the cavernous space, and began to make very large scale drawings, always working on site. At this time it was solely a wholesale fruit and vegetable market. I would arrive ready to start in the morning, as the market, whi...
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Ongoing journey.....10th June 2017

The ongoing journey of the new canvases.....the time spent simply being with them is, I believe, far more important than the time spent physically "doing". 


Long day at the studio...and rather wet underfoot! paintings

Work in progress - May 2017
May 2017 New work in progress at the Deptford studio 


​Work in progress. Lascaux acrylic and pigments on canvas

A sea of bluebells and wild garlic...

 Walking in Northamptonshire, in a sea of bluebells and wild garlic. 

Cataloging work

​Long overdue cataloging of small canvases, and panels from some years ago. These carved panels have, literally, been kept under wraps since 2006, and were made during my time as Artist in Residence at the Albers Foundation.


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