Borough Market re-opening for business today.

Borough Market re-opening for business today.

My journey with, and love of, Borough Market began back in 1988 when, as a student, I fell in love with the cavernous space, and began to make very large scale drawings, always working on site. At this time it was solely a wholesale fruit and vegetable market.

I would arrive ready to start in the morning, as the market, which opened for trade in the very early hours, was coming to a close. Initially treated with much suspicion, as the drawings, worked on the ground, began to develop, and they could actually see what I was doing, I became accepted. Probably as much for the madness of working in the cold, the scale of the work, and a shared love and respect for the building. Gifts of fruit and vegetables left at the end of their working day appeared, and trays of eggs which would result in "eggy bread" for everyone at the shared house I lived in, were gratefully received given my student budget!

Even back then, rail link changes were being spoken of, and there was considerable threat of losing many of the buildings as, in the '80's there was rather a lack of love or respect for such architecture.

Having remained in London I have watched over the last 29 years, and often with great concern, the changes that have taken place in Borough Market and the surrounding area. However, whilst I dislike certain aspects (most particularly the totally out of keeping, and in my opinion monstrous, heavy curvy bridge that crosses to the station, more appropriate for a Batman movie) the market, has found a new way forward. I remain a weekly visitor, enjoying purchasing wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables from Chegworth Farm, amazing cheeses, truly fresh eggs, artistan breads, and much more, although I tend to dive in early, well before the market becomes too full to move around with any pleasure. 

The horrors that unfolded last week were deeply shocking and my heart goes out to all who were affected.

Today Borough Market will reopen, and I will be returning. A reminder not to take anything for granted. And to be grateful for each moment we are gifted.

Borough Market, charcoal on paper. 1988
Borough Market, charcoal, compressed charcoal, oil sticks, oil paint and crayon on canvas. 1988
Borough Market, charcoal, compressed charcoal, oil sticks, oil paint and crayon on canvas. 1988
Charcoal on paper, 1988.
Charcoal on paper, 1988.
Ha Chong-Hyun at Almine Rech Gallery, London
Ongoing journey.....10th June 2017

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