Oliver Beer's "Resonance Project" at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac


A BRILLIANT time spent visiting galleries in central London. In fact I really cannot remember a day when I have seen so many pieces that I have loved. 

The absolute highlight was Oliver Beer's "Resonance Project" at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. The sound/resonance/vibration of the voices just cut right through everything into a place deep inside of me. Am extremely powerful and moving experience.

Extract from the gallery Press Release:

"Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac presents Oliver Beer, New Performance and Sculpture, as part of its inaugural programme for the new London gallery at Ely House. Oliver Beer has been in residence during the renovations of this historic mansion, developing different manipulations of sound and architectural harmonics within the space.

Oliver Beer trained in musical composition in London before studying Fine Art at the Ruskin, Oxford University and Theory of Cinema at the Sorbonne, Paris. His musical background is reflected in a distinct sensitivity to sound and in an interest in the overlap between sound, space and architecture, which he expresses through performance, film and sculpture.

For his ongoing Resonance Project (2007-) Oliver Beer has developed a vocal technique through which he stimulates the empty spaces in any building to resound according to their resonant frequencies, creating an extraordinary force of vibration and revealing the 'voice' of the building. 

Oliver Beer employs this technique with classically trained singers to transform buildings – from the staircases of MoMA PS1 to an Ottoman hammam –into musical instruments, much in the same way that a wine glass can be made to sing with the tip of a finger. He then composes polyphonic music for these newly audible 'architectural instruments', which he weaves into immersive live performances.

Performed live every day throughout the first two months of the exhibition, visitors will be able to experience the culmination of Oliver Beer's site-specific experiments with his new Resonance Project performance, Composition for London, in which classically-trained singers are placed strategically around the grand staircase and instructed to sing specific notes at precise pitches. Working without the aid of speakers or electronic amplification the singers will stimulate the space's natural frequencies and tease out its intrinsic notes, unchanged since the building's construction in 1776."

I really cannot recommend this more highly.

Aside from the Oliver Beer performace, the gallery is utterly beautiful, there are some lovely early Beuys drawings, and fine works from the Marzona Collection including Donald Judd, Robert Ryman and Fred Sandback. Thoroughly spoilt.

Do contact the gallery directly to check when the performances are scheduled, and note the gallery is closed on a Monday.


Tel +44 (0)20 3813 8400

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