Nature and the Elements, music, and contemporary dance have, for a long time, been an integral source of inspiration in my work, and indeed life practice.

Being in nature, feeling the weather, land, sea, air, sun, around me, in me, I feel alive. I feed on this. That line of the horizon between sea and sky, sometimes so indiscernible and soft, sometimes such a hard line, in sharp contrast, draws me in again and again. As does experiencing cloud, mist, vapour, moving across hills, mountains, in valleys.

But, whilst such things inspire and excite me, these paintings, and the ones before, are not simply a recreation of my sense and experience of such elemental landscapes.

In music I am drawn to, and intrigued and inspired by, the space between sound, which becomes a sound in its own right.

The edge of a note, whether it is soft, drawn out, lingering, or hard, short and cutting.

The breath.

In dance, that space between human forms, and/or their interconnection.The expression of harmony and discord, anger and violence, tenderness and sorrow.

Touch | Intimacy | Absence and presence | Weight | Balance | Imbalance

All of these elements are in the creative mix.

But then there is that “Other” element. One which cannot easily be defined or explained in words.

Essence | Soul | Spirit

Alex Calinescu
Extract from John Jones interview, October 2016



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