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Deflina - Alex Calinescu -Full Circle Contemporary Art Consultancy

This exhibition marks a significant period in Calinescu’s work, one year on from her time as invited artist in residence at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, in Bethany, Connecticut (4 April – 30th June 2006). The Albers Foundation maintains residence studios for select visiting artists located in 75 acres of beautiful woodland, allowing the artist in residency a rare opportunity to “work in a concentrated way on one’s art in idyllic conditions at a remove from the art world”.

Born in Cambridge, England, Alex Calinescu studied at the City and Guilds of London Art School (1989 Diploma in painting) and then the Royal Academy Schools, London (1992 Postgraduate).  She has exhibited widely and her work has been collected by prominent investors and private collectors.

The exhibition will include large scale canvases, uncompromising in their intensity and physicality, alongside the intimacy of the smaller canvases and carved panels. In addition, we are delighted to be exhibiting a series of blind embossed etchings, editioned with the master printmaker Kip Gresham at the Print Studio, Cambridge.

In Calinescu’s lines are memories of vibration, echo, and synthesis. In the space there is colour, tone, scale and context. The finished works contain a fusion of harmony and discord, sound and silence, movement and stillness, form and emptiness.

In this engagement with the pure note Calinescu explores enigmatic visual territories in which the dimensions of existence are investigated through a subordination of the literal to focus on formal considerations and respect for the subconscious.

As a result these works are the material of truth, not illustrations of reality. They help make visible creative fundamentals which focus our minds beyond the individual to the universal. Calinescu does not create what she sees or hears, through the journey of making she creates what she knows.

Daphne Astor, January 2007 (extract with kind permission of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art)


The Delfina Studio Trust was established in 1988, and for the first ten years organised an annual exhibition by resident artists.  Although the artist’s residency programme has finished, Delfina continue to show a commitment to the genre of exciting and contemporary artists in 2007/8 with a series of exhibitions at 50 Bermondsey Street, London SE1, curated by Full Circle Contemporary Art Consultancy 

During the Private View evening there will be live music performed by the acclaimed band, ‘Ben’s Brother’.