October 2009

New body of Work 

A pure note, or a group of notes, resonating
silence between sounds; a sound
harmony and discord  - anger and violence - tenderness and sorrow 

space between forms; and/or their interconnection
touch - separation - absence - presence 

The breath 

Alex Calinescu, October 2009 


The launch of Alex Calinescu’s new website coincides with the unveiling of her new body of work. 

The journey from her previous work began in July 2008 with a series of small cut panels and the start of a series of 38 5x4ft drawings. With the latter, Calinescu used white soft pastel both drawn and rubbed away on a painted background of dark blue. Ideas developed from one into the next and back again, with Calinescu usually working on a number of pieces simultaneously. 

As the work on paper and panels developed, Calinescu additionally worked on 90” x 82” and 74” x 66” canvases, once again using soft pastel against an acrylic ground of darkest blue. Feeling the need to both increase the scale of the work and change to a landscape format, she began the series of 94” x 128” canvases in September 2008. 

The scale of each of these new canvases creates an environment that surrounds and encompasses the viewer. When the six works in this series are shown together, the sense of this is heightened further. 

By contrast the series of small cut panels are intimate in size, but with a similar force in the dynamic of the mark making. 

When seen in series, the viewer becomes aware of the dialogue between the pieces, much as you experience the difference between a single musical note or sound, and a run of notes together. 


Appointments to view the new work at her London studio can be made by emailing mail@alexcalinescu.com or by calling on 07958 472217.


Sincere thanks to Miles Essex and Mark Williams for all their hard work on the design and build of this website.

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