5th April






Woke this morning to find snow had fallen. Sunshine breaking through now and only the sound of snow falling from the branches of the trees......








Time to tackle the stretchers



6th April










The snow has all but gone and the sun is rising





Etching plates from 4th and 5th April

7th April








Wet morning and smells wonderful!



just starting.....

Home.....until 1st July at least...how amazing!

8th April








Rain, sleet and some snowflakes this morning


walking in the afternoon




The new 66 series continues.......

2006-66-no 4

9th April

Walking around Anni's lake.......................



........and a real sense of spring around the corner

10th April

Today's walk...cold start but warm afternoon







The new tree house under construction!


11th April

Off to New York this morning to source more materials.

Grand Central Station


returning with materials


12th April

The new  90" x 82" progressing



             and a small 6" x 6"

13th April

Really warm morning so went for a walk. Sat for a time by the lake.




On the way back disturbed a butterfly but he flew around, settled again happily....

.....and let me get really close. Extraordinary!



more materials arriving from New York


a gift to my husband, Nick, from my walk


14th April

Had a late night in the studio working on the second large canvas

a favorite cup from home....


..........and the view from the kitchen table

15th April

Today has just been special; felt right in everyway.

Had a fantastic walk this morning, spoke to family this afternoon and evening, played Arvo Pärt LOUDLY, and the new piece is going well.

We had heavy rain yesterday and then fog. Saw deer here for the first time late in the evening.




This morning the air was still damp but mild and the smells were incredible. Walking, there was little sound except birdsong and water falling from the trees....



Dusk and I am planning on working late.

16th April


Happy Easter from Connecticut!




Drove into New Haven today and the blossom is really coming out




This is a library! Fantastic building on the outside....I wonder how it works inside?


17th April

Bit under the weather today so taking it easy but very aware that this is almost the start of my third week here.

The two new 90" x 82"'s  - work in progress

2006 - 75 series - no 3

acrylic on panel



The series of etching plates continues to grow....one is made at the end of each day to mark my time on the residency.



18th April

A beautiful  morning here so off for a walk.

This is one of my favourite views.


There is something magical which happens to the trees in certain light. A sort of silvery oatmeal (but that doesnt do it justice!).



When the wind is still, there are amazing sounds of insects moving through the leaves and plants pushing up through the ground.




19th April

Had a very late night working on some new drawings on panel so slow start to the day!


These are 18 x 15cm each, charcoal and acrylic on panel.


Definately need to get some air!  Dry, sunny and windy so should blow the cobwebs away nicely.

20th April

Another beautiful morning....beginning to take the sunshine for granted!

Had a very sociable 24 hours.....dinner out at Fritz's (the Foundation's Property and Facilities manager) great food, wine and company (so miss eating with people!!) and then stargazing with the aid of his telescope to finish the evening off. Fantastic! Wonderful moonlight walk back to my little house and then the 16th etching plate to draw before bed.



Off to the Foundation in the afternoon to celebrate Brenda Danilowitz's birthday (she is the chief curator here) with two cakes, suitably adorned with candles! Will need to walk that slice off later..................


21st April

Worked into the early hours of this morning and paid the price today! Another lovely day but colder.

This is the tree in front of my studio window and there is no doubting the change in season.


22nd April

Still up and it's 0310 which wasnt quite the plan! Have been painting the second coat of hard ground onto the etching plates. A wise artist (thank you Ronnie!) pointed out that doing this as I go along would be less of a nightmare than being faced with all 88 in one hit. So, up to date now with 17 done and just last night's lagging behind.

Away from the studio for a few days, including some time in New York, so no updates until I am back. Taking etching plates with me of course!

23rd April

Torrential rain...6 inches of rain in a matter of hours so floods everywhere.

Visited the Aldritch Contemporary Art Museum with friends but, sadly, wasn't allowed to take photos inside the building. It is as lovely space.




Extended Afternoon, by Mary Temple, is a painted trompe l'oeil installation. This photo shows the first of three phases and charts the movement of a shaft of afternoon light. You can also just make it out in the photo to the left.






The next exhibition at the Aldrich is Anselm Keifer: Velmir Chlebnikov and he has designed a steel pavilion, in which to show the series of thirty paintings and this is in the process of being built.



24th April

Into New York and to the Private View at Wynn Kramarsky's gallery. Aside from the exhibition of  drawings by Mel Bochner there was another floor of work from his collection. It was a real treat. Sadly no photos so you will just have to imagine the Carl Andre's, John Cage, Joel Shapiro's, Jasper Jones, Brice Marden, Dan Flavin............................

View from my room, overlooking the Armory.

25th April

Into Chelsea to have a look at some shows. Need to return for a proper session.


Saul Fletcher exhibition at Anton Kern (a beautiful space).

26th April

Really the 27th as now 0245. Back from New York and very glad to return to the calm and quiet of my studio. Too many people and too much noise!

Haven't had a chance to go for a walk yet but many of the trees are starting to bud. Will be interesting to see how much it has changed in the few days that I have been away.

Continuing to work on the 90" x 82"

27th April

A funny day today. Aside from going to bed far too late (0330), which makes for a slow start this morning, Ronnie Hughes (fellow artist in residence here,) his wife Eva and their three children are, sadly, leaving this afternoon.

It's been fantastic overlapping residencies with them and I consider myself really lucky to have met such great people.

It has also been so good to share thoughts about work together in the studios, something which doesn't happen often enough. I had forgotten what it was like to work like this. I will truly miss them all and am sorry that we didnt have more time together. Thank you, Ronnie, Eva, Ben, Sophie and Jasmin, for making such a difference! Safe journey and hope to see you all soon.

Ronnie Hughes - work on paper




Ronnie in his studio


So, off for a walk. definately need a break away from the work.

The hints of bright green are astonishing, especially in the sunlight...



the ground is still damp from last week's rain

and this is for my husband, Nick.

April 28th

A beautiful day. The sun is shining and it's time for a walk, and leave the work behind for a while.



It's astonishing seeing how much things grow in a day.....you really do feel the life pushing up through the ground beneath your feet.



This is around by the lake and it is difficult to avoid walking on the new shoots as they come through the ground.

The Foundation building across a very still lake. I wonder if you will still be able to see it next week?




And, today, suddenly there are violets, my Grandmother's favorite flower........



............and ferns for Nick.

April 29th

Well, it's very early in the morning. Have been working on new ink drawings and the second of the two 82" x 90" canvases.




The 25 etching plates





ink drawing no 8

April 30

This is the view that I look at from my desk and in

the studio. It is wonderful at all times of the day,

and whatever the weather.







The window is the most important feature of the studio for it places the artist out into the land which surrounds them. Because the outside is so dominant from within, it is impossible not to notice the passing of time throughout the day (which can easily slip by in my London studio - suddenly it is just dark!).

The view of the land and, especially, the trees also clearly marks the daily changes through the seasons (again something which can go unnoticed in my life in London). It is an extraordinary reminder of the magic of nature and of a certain simplicity and order to life, something which I need to remember when I return home for this is so important - it gives meaning and perspective to everything.