May 1st

Didnt feel great today, decidedly under the weather. Went for a gentle walk this evening and saw deer foot prints then saw three deer. They were so well camouflaged, had they not moved, I wouldnt have seen them. See if you can spot the one below......

 is really difficult to see...find the middle of the image, divide it into four and the deer is in the bottom right of centre.

So that you know what you are looking for, I have blown up the image and added some contrast.






Aside from the deer, the evening sunlight on the

ferns and leaves was pretty spectacular....



....and spring flowers are pushing out from beneath the leaves.




May 2nd

Rainy day so spending time with the first of the 90" x 82"'s sitting in the Albers chair! Reminding myself of how important the time spent between working on the piece is. You cannot fast forward the time needed to allow for conscious and subconscious thinking.


Using a layer of masking tape to get a sense of whether a line should stay.


This morning....................................

.....and this afternoon....its not a speedy process!

3rd May

Wet morning again which was a surprise. Perfect to bring on the new spring growth.

Land around the studio greening up.







It really is very wet but the smells are fantastic!



New life really pushing through every obstacle.



4th May


A truly beautiful day here today, sunny and warm with wonderfull smells coming up from the damp ground.

I'm off today to see family in Chicago. Back on the 8th.

9th May

Well, back in my studio. In my absence, the warm weather which followed the rain has transformed the landscape.

The sea of ferns shimmers.






It's raining again but not enough to

stop my walk.




For Nick, who I will be seeing soon.

10th May


Working in the studio today.





The view through the studio window

is really changing.




6" x 6", acrylic on canvas

A gift with love,

to my sister, Marina.

11th May

Another wet day and a totally different view through the window.



So, off for a walk, it was a late night!

The light is wonderful. It does something amazing to the trees....they become such dark silhouettes, even more dramatic against the spring green....






     ...and against the silver birch.





The tallest violets that I have ever seen!



12th May

Well, while you bask in sunshine and heat in England, we are experiencing unbelievably heavy rain. Took a short walk but, even with sensible clothing, it really is too wet to be out.




  So, a day of contemplation in the studio (can rain really be so loud?!).  
13th May

A late night and a grey day; not a good combination. Spent some time moving the work and furniture around the studio to maximise on wall space. Then off for a walk.



Had been feeling a little lonely but then found some company (albeit rather lacking on the conversation front!) Not sure what he is so will have to do some research.......very sweet but an astonishing colour given the surroundings.....hardly well camouflaged.




                  Really gloomy light and not warm.


Lots of water around and mushy leaves.










Hoping for some warmer, sunnier weather soon. 

14th May

Well, I havent been out yet, (grey skies again!) but for anyone desperate to know more about my little friend from yesterday, I have been reliably informed by Fritz, here at the Foundation, that he is a red spotted newt!


And, for anyone keen to know more, Fritz has even forwarded a useful link!

more later.........



 , off on my walk...



...and it's very wet!



Reflections in water.




Went to the lake to sit for a while.....





and then walking back, found a butterfly's wings......

......and a white violet for Nick.

15th May


Can you believe it is still raining......and rain like nothing I've experienced even in Wales(!)...........more like rainy season in KL!

And the forecast is fo this to continue through the week.

Finally a pause in the rain early evening so shot out to get some fresh air.....and the smells didnt disappoint...not great for the hayfever but.... WOW!

This is by the studio and the ferns

really seem to dance.


Walking around the lake....the water seems to be taking over the land all around.









Almost dark by the time I got home.

16th May




Well, it was raining heavily again so thought it was time to deal with a couple of stretchers I had been having problems with. Called in a couple of experts and fours hands were certainly better than two.... thank you Andres and Fritz!





Having sorted out the stretchers, the sun came out!



I am not sure what this is but it smells amazing. There are large bushes in flower at one end of the lake and the scent is incredible.



Wonderful reflections in the lake again today.










Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.

17th May

Not exactly full sunshine but there has been some.

Enough to warm a rock....








A sneaky look at the third of the new 90" x 82" drawings on canvas..........still a work in progress.


Off to New York tomorrow to see some shows.

18th May

Well, made the 0640 New Haven train so arrived into Grand Central Station with commuters. Dropped my overnight bag at the Gresham Hotel ....."a popular and funky spot" and inexpensive for New York.




Does have lovely wooden floors and a lot of character.


Spent time in Soho looking at exhibitions. A good show at Brooke Alexander with work by Richard Tuttle (wire piece) and a Robert Morris felt hanging piece, Extensive show of drawings by Eva Hesse at the Drawing Centre and then grabbed some sushi for lunch from Dean and Deluca (no photography allowed inside !).



Then Uptown to look at more shows including a the Tapies show at Pace Wildenstein, Albers and Shiraishi at Leonard Hutton, and Juan Muñoz, at the Marion Goodman Gallery.



Hotel DeClerq II, 1986-2001 by Juan Muñoz, at the Marion Goodman Gallery. The gallery was extraordinary, space after space, and each with a particular feel.




Missed my stop so ended up going over the river....but good timing as the light was amazing.

19th May

Well, knew it was going to be a long day (heavy rain all night) and this is somewhere that Nick and I found that serves a really great breakfast (right by Grand Central Station).


Then, off to Chelsea.................












So, decided to make only a small list of galleries to visit today, which made it a great deal more enjoyable. Otherwise you end up running from space to space and it fast becomes a chore rather than a treat.



Some fabulous sculpture around at the moment.....



James Lee Byars, Concave Figures, at the Mary Boone Gallery (the loveliest space).



Mark di Suvero at Paula Copper Gallery, another extrordinary space with a beautiful ceiling.

The sculpture, Time Our for Nicole d'Oresme, is 27 foot tall, and made of steel.



Richard Serra, Rolled and Forged, at the Gagosian Gallery.

This is a detail from his new work, Amongst Elevations, 2006, made using 16 weatherproof steel plates of various heights, but all at 30'6" lengths and 6" thickness.



Round, 1997


Tony Smith with three pieces from the 60's, Marriage, 1961, Night, 1962 and We Lost, 1962 at Matthew Marks Gallery.





  Now back, blistered feet, wet shoes and socks and a new umbrella! Exhausted but WOW! Torrential downpours, thunder and lightning in the afternoon so hoping for some better weather this weekend!  
20th May

Spent much of the day working in the studio but went out for a walk towards the end of the afternoon.........................................




.......closely watched by the deer.








Then back to the studio to carry on working on a new series of drawings.

21st May

Long day in the studio

11 plates waiting for me to paint stopout around the lines....




....and a new series of drawings on the go.


Rain and sunshine all at once




And not alone for much longer, Nick arrives on Thursday!

22nd May

How time passes....over the half way mark now.

Sunshine and blue skies today! Makes such a difference.




The studio is almost disappearing into the land.


Really is lovely seeing the leaves dance in the wind and the light fall through them.



This is a good moment, and a special place to be.

23rd May

No time for a walk today, short run this evening but otherwise working in the studio and an annoying IT problem to sort......which I couldnt......... a big thank you to Terry at!




one of a series of dark blue panels

acrylic and white charcoal pencil.

18 x 15cm



24th May

Well, an incredible day..............was able to handle works by Josef Albers..........and see them properly without glass in the way, or in the formality of an exhibition. Just to be up close and also to have no time pressure on how long you spend..........words cannot express what a privilege it has been. And, if that isnt awesome enough.........I can look again!!!!!!!

Photos are by kind permission of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.



This piece, from the 40's was my favorite of the day, except for a drawing from the construction period which was very special (being documented at present so I wasnt able to photograph it).



(this, and the following are details)




What can I say..........I hope these detail shots, in some way, help to explain what I found so special about this piece.






From the 30's.

A real sense of the painter.








I can only say again, how amazing to be able to see the work properly.

So, back to reality, but definately changed.....Nick arrives tomorrow so grocery shopping and much more fun buying for two!


The end of the afternoon and spent some time by the lake to reflect on the morning and my time here.







Looking forward to being together again.

And another reminder of the season.

25th May

Nick arrives this evening so feeling rather distracted!

Beautiful weather today, sunny and hot so a quick walk around the lake.



Looking up at the Foundation from the lake.






The path from the studio to the Foundation.


My studio in the sunshine.

26th May

Well, Nick is here now and so sharing my experiences with him, which is wonderful.



Went for a walk to show Nick around and found the turtle by the lake trying to get to a new plant, thankfully protected with mesh!




Hot and sunny.......but not for long!


The light disappeared and the skies opened.


27th May

Wet again this morning but didnt last, thank goodness. Had lunch together in the sunshine in New Haven and then visited the Yale Centre for British Art, a wonderful building designed by Louis Kahnn.

The YCBA holds one of the most comprehensive collections of British Art outside of London from the 17th century to the present. Aside from the permanent collections, there are fabulous exhibitions.

This is the stairwell!



Top of stairwell and ceiling



Exhibition of British papermaking.

Photo of hanging wet paper with papermaker's cross at Hayle Mill, Kent  1921



Robert Peake the Elder

Portrait of a woman c1600

detail.........incredible to look at the way this was painted given the date.


Terry Frost  Linen Blue and Yellow  1961





Back to the Foundation late afternoon and then out on the lake in the two person canoe before the sun disappears behind the trees.











The water lilies are just beginning to poke their heads up through the water. It is going to look amazing.

28th May

Up early as off to Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries, on the banks of the Hudson River. This is Dia Art Foundation's new museum, and houses one of the world's most distinguished collections of contemporary art. The museum, 240,000 sq ft of exhibition space (all natural light!) was originally a former box-pinting factory, built in 1929.

It is simply extraordinary.





Huge areas are devoted to single artists and, in some cases, work has been made specifically for the space. An amazing opportunity for an artist to have their work shown as they wished (so rare!).


Nick and I reflected in the entrance doors.

  The artist Robert Irwin was invited to create the master plan for the museum and the design of the surrounding landscape.

We particularly liked the steel edges, something we had been wanting to use somewhere in our garden but just havent found the right place.


Thanks to Oliver, at the Albers Foundation, who told us that Dia do a special view of the Michael Heizer sculpture, by appointment only. We duly signed up and so got to see them close up (otherwise you can only experience them them from a distance and to see down into them is incredible). They are voids set into the floor, made of steel, and go down around 22ft.


Then on to room after room of Robert Ryman's..


....these are from the 60's....

....and I was completely unaware of this body of work. You can see why I would like to have taken this one home!


Then on to the Serra's..................




.....four in this space


(from inside)


.........and then the astonishing Gerhard Richter's

Six Gray Mirrors (2003)

  An incredible space and some wonderful work (of which the above is only a small selection).  




  So, then off for a very, very late Albers Foundation recommendation...."The Place"......


one of their specials.....grilled clams!

29th May


  Hot and muggy today so off for a drive to get some air.....

This is the Burr Covered Bridge (1972.) The original bridge design was by Theodore Burr of Torrington c1804.



  Aside from the very annoying mosquitos, a great place to have wander and cold drink.
And back to the studio.....




...............for lunch outside....and a very nice bottle of Barolo, which I had bought as a special treat while Nick is here with me.


IT problems, followed by power cuts from storms and then a couple of days in New York so apologies for the delay in updates!

30th May

Busy day today as some of the staff from the Foundation are coming to dinner......




we ate in the studio which was great.....lovely to have people in the space and to see the work changing in the flickering candle light during the evening.

31st May

Took the two-man canoe out onto the lake with Nick.

...and an appropriate bottle! Great fun and wonderful to see the lake from a different perspective.



There are two different varieties of water lily on the lake........the first are yellow and just beginning to come out........the second, and more prolific are white. It is going to look astonishing.






The season is changing so much............and, with the extra rain that we have been experiencing, everything is becoming very lush.